Seattle. Sun. Translucence.

It is sunny in Seattle. We have had a glorious week of pleasant temperatures and lots of sun, which in a way draws to a close our very dark, wet winter. As most are aware, Seattle is of course famous for its rain and gloomy atmospheric disposition. When the sun comes out we all crowd around windows to marvel and ask each other with amazed looks, “what is it?” We have vague recollections of this glowing orb, but nearing the end of winter it is not right on the tip of our tongues. Traffic accidents pick up because many a driver is taken aback to the point of staring at the strange, bright celestial phenomenon that most of you take for granted. Once I heard a hipster, who apparently made beard growing and [poor] Shakespearean language his “thing,” say “methinks the grey old lady burns, and for what? That the pallid and porcelain-like Northwesterners may leave their dank dungeons of the cold, dark Seattle winter.”

It is this leaving the darkness of the Seattle winter I have always found intriguing. The very first time the sun comes out people worship the sun with gusto. Modesty? The white, almost translucent, skinned over-sharer just points to the sky without a word with a look that says, “nuff said, am I right?” Not so warm outside? No problem. Still wearing your hibernation meat suit? Fret not my friend; today is gross body forgiveness day brought to you by Señor Sol. You are blinding people with your extreme pallor? Their problem; that thing in the sky is out again! Seattleite children complain to their parents that it is just too hot for frolicking outside (and it is 56 degrees).

All this, however, is to be short-lived. That is, any good Northwesterner worth his or her salt knows that we are in for a long game of hide-and-seek with the sun. The thing is that the sun is a master hider. He’s like the guy in Portlandia who had a hiding place that kept him from seekers’ view for some 25 years or more. The sun will be found when he wants to be found. Typically sun sightings are really peek-a-boos until July 5th of every year. So, to my Seattleite friends enjoy the sun whilst it bestows its glory upon us. For those of you in sunnier climes, I entreat to you be grateful for that mighty star that brings the joyous light and warmth we miss so much up here in vampire land.

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